Local PA Union Leader Highlighted in National Energy Event

According to a recent piece in the Delaware Valley Journal, the American Petroleum Institute’s annual State of American Energy (this year’s event, like most else, was held virtually) featured an appearance and commentary from SEPA’s Jim Snell, business manager of the Steamfitters 420.

Snell has been a vocal proponent of energy development and the Steamfitters union in Pennsylvania for a while now, but got to take to a national stage this year to highlight the benefits delivered to Pennsylvanians thanks to natural gas related jobs.

Snell said: “I’ve been the business manager of Steamfitters local 420 since April of 2019. And just in that short period of time, there’s been quite a few projects related to the oil and gas industry. One of them being the Mariner Pipeline project. A lot of the time [my members are] working overtime, making good wages, being able to buy their first homes, being able to send kids to college. It has a direct effect on my members.”

Host and President of the American Petroleum Institute, Mike Sommer, also spoke to the many benefits natural gas development has shared across the country, particularly the huge emissions reductions the country has made since 2000.

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