Local Business Brings a Voice to Infrastructure

The recent shale gas energy boom is revitalizing Pennsylvania. There’s been exponential economic development and job growth as a result of the increase in energy development in our state in recent years. However, it is not just the energy companies that are embracing the opportunities that come with energy development. Local businesses and communities are taking advantage of them as well.  Indirect beneficiaries are reaping the benefit of increased investment and access to affordable natural gas. Watch the video here:

Shady Maples Companies, a Pennsylvanian grocery store and restaurant facility, currently uses natural gas in its operations. Glen Weaver, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of the local business, recently created a video with PEIA highlighting the importance of the shale revolution for small businesses and communities. “I personally feel that the economy and the state of Pennsylvania is stronger since the energy revolution and the availability of natural gas here locally,” Weaver said.

He also credited the success of his small business to pipeline infrastructure developments in Pennsylvania. “If the infrastructure wasn’t here at some point in the state, we wouldn’t have been able to use natural gas in our facilities,” Weaver said. This statement further emphasizes the importance of pipeline infrastructure for small businesses. Not only do businesses, like Shady Maples, benefit from natural gas provided by pipelines, but local communities reap the benefits as well, especially during the winter months when access to affordable energy is vital.

The support from small businesses, including Glen Weaver’s Shady Maples Companies, are essential voices highlighting the importance of pipeline infrastructure and the benefits it provides Pennsylvania. As the energy boom continues to flourish in Pennsylvania, small business and local communities are embracing building new and repurposing existing natural gas pipeline infrastructure.