Local Benefits of Energy Infrastructure Keep Growing

The local benefits of energy infrastructure development in Pennsylvania are irrefutable. The latest example was showcased at an event earlier today. Mariner East 2, one of the biggest economic opportunities our state has seen in generations, will help to power the Marcus Hook Industrial Complex, which itself is fueling a regional revitalization.

According to a release from a joint public news conference today, the rebirth of the 115-year-old Marcus Hook complex will contribute $4.8 million in additional property taxes to the Chichester School District, Marcus Hook Borough and Delaware County. That benefits every resident and taxpayer within the districts and those municipalities.

For years, members of the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance have testified publicly in support of energy infrastructure projects like Mariner East 2, even as opponents criticized our confidence in the local benefits that these energy infrastructure projects promised to bring to Pennsylvania. It is hard to deny the economic transformation being powered locally by these developments, especially after this announcement today.

If you are writing about Mariner East 2, or looking for examples of the project’s local benefits, please find below the following statement by me, Kurt Knaus, spokesman of the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance. Here is the statement:

“Mariner East 2 and the assets it supports are fulfilling the promise of powering one of the biggest economic opportunities our state has seen in generations. But most importantly, those benefits are being realized locally — in every community across the path of the pipeline; in every community that’s supporting development through product supply and delivery; in every place where men and women are gaining jobs in operation and maintenance of these assets; and in neighborhoods like those in Delaware County where new revenue is filling public coffers.”

Kurt Knaus, Spokesman
Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance
P: 717-571-5687
Harrisburg, Pa.

PEIA is a broad-based coalition of labor, agriculture, manufacturing and other business interests statewide that support private investment in pipeline and other energy infrastructure developments.