LNG Pipelines a Necessity for Northeast Winters

The New England region continues to rely on inefficient and foreign energy to get themselves through the cold winters. This is especially disappointing for a region that practically neighbors the Marcellus shale reserve – one of the largest energy fields in the United States. What is standing in the way of New England’s energy independence is not a lack of energy but a lack of critical energy infrastructure including natural gas pipelines.

A recent report from RBN Energy highlights that the Northeast has sidelined a number of pipeline projects; instead, encouraging owners of dual-fuel power plants to stockpile onsite for high demand. However, this does not work as well during the winter months. That forces the region to import natural gas by ship.

To maximize America’s energy independence and resiliency the Northeast should prioritize natural gas pipeline projects. With them come safe, reliable energy delivery year-round and a valuable economic injection from these billion dollar projects.