Lincoln Radio Journal Hosts Former ChesCo Commissioner for Mariner East Discussion

Last week, the President of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association David Taylor hosted former Chester County Commissioner and State Senator Earl Baker on the Capitol Watch segment of the Lincoln Radio Journal’s weekly program.

The two discuss the importance of the state’s natural resource ‘super – abundance’ and ongoing energy revolution that has created over three hundred thousand jobs and returned millions in savings. Additionally, much of the talk focuses on the Mariner East project and its role in the state’s development alongside the Marcus Hook Industrial Complex. Taylor and Baker drill down on opportunities, both domestically and internationally, that rely on a full energy infrastructure buildout as well as the merits and integrity of Mariner East pipeline’s materials, construction, and monitoring that will allow it to serve Pennsylvanians for decades.

You can listen to the interview in full here. The twenty minute interview begins at timestamp 4:15.