Lacking Pipeline Infrastructure, DOT Looks at Delivering LNG by Rail

On Friday, the Department of Transportation (DOT) announced that they will propose a new rule that will allow shipping of liquefied natural gas (LNG) by rail car. This comes after the Trump administration issued an executive order in April to consider such a rule due to the lack of natural gas pipelines hindering deliveries to consumers.

Pennsylvania is one of the nation’s leading energy producers. The Utica and Marcellus shale reserves have provided the commonwealth with an abundance of energy resources, which benefit Pennsylvania through increased access to efficient and affordable energy, an abundance of family-supporting jobs, and the countless corollary economic benefits that come with these projects.

Although the energy sector has brought many benefits to the state, companies looking to expand pipeline infrastructure continue to be met with a few loud activists who will do anything and everything to delay or derail legally permitted projects. Despite their continued push for frivolous lawsuits and increased construction stoppages, they are now beginning to act as if they are perplexed that the project hasn’t been completed yet. Similarly, you can’t act as if you support safety, but push for less safe alternatives. This is hypocrisy plain and simple.

These energy resources are going to make it to the consumer one way or another, however it is important to not ignore the facts that pipelines are 4 times safer than transportation by rail. Anti-pipeline activists do not comprehend the dangers of transporting these products by rail and their efforts are not only hindering the market, but putting innocent lives in danger.