Labor Stands Up For Itself Against Delco Pipeline Moratorium

Two weeks ago PEIA discussed the proposed pipeline moratorium the Delaware County Council is considering. The council previously voted 3-0, with one abstention and one absence, to impose a moratorium on Sunoco owned and operated pipelines in Delaware County.

PEIA pointed out the consequences of killing the energy infrastructure business in the county.

Today, the Council held another meeting and were met with over 100 local labor union members highlighting the lack of foresight their recently passed resolution holds.

Unions represented included: Boilermakers Local 13, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 654, International Union of Operation Engineers Local 542, Laborers International Union of North America and Steamfitters Local 420.

Local union labor has a compelling story to tell, especially with the discovery and proliferation of energy resources statewide.

Projects like the Mariner East pipeline system and revitalization of the Marcus Hook Industrial Complex have provided greater economic opportunities to benefit from Pennsylvania’s growing energy sector and provided greater employment opportunities – with family-sustaining wages – to thousands of union workers in Pennsylvania. Warren Santone, Brian Kelly, Bill Adams, Pat Sheridan, Tony Lusi, John Bland, and Alexander McDonald all attested to this infrastructure projects’ employment opportunities for Southeast Pennsylvania’s high skilled union workers at today’s hearing.

The industry is poised to keep jobs in Pennsylvania for the long-term, too. The $200 million project labor agreement signed earlier this year ensures the hiring of over 1,000 union construction workers to expand the Marcus Hook Industrial Complex in Delaware County.

Labor and infrastructure projects go hand in hand and always offer a happy marriage by providing benefits and family sustaining wages for the hardworking members. Pennsylvania will continue to reap the benefits of this relationship as well as tax revenues and commerce increase throughout the Commonwealth.

The Council’s resolution has a direct negative impact on one of Delaware County’s largest taxpayers and thousands of their constituents. It is doubtful that these politicians gave much thought to how significant their action could have on the county. Many have been quick to rush to judgement on these types of projects due to the loud voices of a few, but today’s Delaware County Council meeting proved that they made a major error in judgement.

PEIA stands proudly alongside Pennsylvania union labor in championing vital energy infrastructure projects.