Kurt Knaus: Pipelines are critical to having strong infrastructure

Kurt Knaus, spokesman for Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance, had a piece published today in the Middletown Press & Journal. In his column, Knaus covers the Pennsylvania DEP halting construction along the Mariner East 2 line, as well as the incredible negative impact this shutdown will have both on the Pennsylvania economy, and Pennsylvanian workers.

“According to Econsult Solutions, projects associated with the Mariner East pipelines will generate a one-time economic impact of nearly $9.1 billion in Pennsylvania and support 57,070 jobs during the entire construction period — the equivalent to 9,520 jobs each year for six years — with earnings of $2.7 billion.”

You can read the full piece from Knaus here.

“Let’s face it: There’s nothing pretty about large construction projects, whether you’re building a highway or developing a pipeline like Mariner East 2. But all of these major infrastructure projects are essential to our way of life and continued growth.

It’s hard to argue that the revitalization of our region — and indeed, our entire shared commonwealth — as a thriving energy hub is bringing home more jobs and greater economic returns that are being shared by our entire commonwealth.

If this latest study is any indication, the estimates get better with time and development.”