Kurt Knaus: Mariner East 2 a boon for this region

PEIA Spokesperson Kurt Knaus was recently published in The Tribune-Democrat touting the positive, direct benefits that the Mariner East 2 pipeline will have in Cambria County, and throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Energy infrastructure helps boost local communities by getting local unions to work, and Mariner East 2 will help supply important infrastructure with necessary energy resources and in this case, Mariner East will provide ethane directly to the CPV Fairview plant, which will provide energy directly to over 1 million Pennsylvania households.

As Knaus details:  

“Mariner East 2 is providing needed ethane for Competitive Power Ventures Inc.’s Fairview Energy Center in Jackson Township, where ground was recently broken for the state-of-the-art energy center (“Ground broken for $700 million CPV Fairview Energy Center,” Oct. 25).

Local distribution points also are opening along the line to supply propane for commercial and residential use in Pennsylvania. And ethane is being delivered domestically from this line to a specialty gas producer that used to get supplies from Europe.

Mariner East 2 is fulfilling its promise as one of the biggest economic opportunities our state has seen in generations, and those benefits irrefutably are being realized locally.”