Keystone Elk Country Joins PEIA to Support Modern, Safe Energy Transportation Infrastructure

The Keystone Elk Country Alliance (KECA), a nonprofit wildlife conservation organization joined the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Energy Alliance in support of the overall betterment of Pennsylvania.

KECA’s mission is to enhance and protect the natural environment of Pennsylvania’s hunting and elk population. President and Chief Executive Officer Rawley Cogan said that they joined PEIA to “work with other members to ensure that pipeline development in Pennsylvania will deliver a conservation benefit while still meeting or exceeding all federal regulations for safe development and operation of these energy arteries.”

He believes “pipelines not only are job producers for local communities, but they can also become linear food plots for small and large wildlife species, specifically providing early succession habitat for bird populations as well. Working as a partner can truly be a win-win in mature forests that are starved of adequate habitat for game.”

“KECA supports efforts to build a modern, safe energy transportation infrastructure that also enhances the food supply for game in Pennsylvania’s forests. These critical initiatives help KECA to conserve and enhance Pennsylvania’s elk country for future generations,” stated KECA Board Chairman John Geissler.

The Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance is proud to welcome KECA to our Alliance. With this announcement, the Alliance has grown to two dozen members all in agreement of our mission to support private investment, growth, and opportunity through pipelines and other energy infrastructure developments for the Commonwealth.