Keyboard Warrior Senator Andy Dinniman Tries to Strike Again

This morning State Senator and anti-pipeline crusader Andy Dinniman reached out to PEIA over Twitter. Admittedly, Senator Dinniman made use of a funny GIF from the Disney movie The Emperor’s New Groove in which a demanding and greedy prince guilty of using his own countrymen at his leisure to fulfill personal ambitions is transformed into a llama (the exact GIF that Senator Dinniman posted on twitter).

Much like the Emperor in the movie, Senator Dinniman has made a habit of abusing his position of power. Notably, Senator Dinniman was quick to cozy up with the Delaware Riverkeeper’s and hand over taxpayer money to fund a frivolous lawsuit against the Mariner East pipeline project.

Guess the resemblance is indistinguishable.

Is it appropriate for elected officials to direct taxpayer funds for litigation pushed by fringe groups? We think not.

We ask Sen. Dinniman to halt his waste of taxpayer money challenging a legally permitted project that will create nearly 60,000 jobs and provide an economic benefit of $9.1 billion for the Pennsylvania economy.