It’s time to support Pennsylvania’s full energy potential

Jim Snell of Steamfitters Local 420 recently authored a guest opinion piece in Broad and Liberty, detailing some of the intense restrictions hindering Pennsylvania’s energy production.

With Pennsylvania being the nation’s second largest natural gas producer, behind only by Texas, the energy potential is abundant within the commonwealth. The Mariner East pipeline network is paving the way for increased infrastructure, enabling a variety of vital energy resources to be more accessible, reliable, and affordable in the state and throughout the region.

Despite all the benefits this increase in infrastructure will bring, it has been plagued with legal and regulatory setbacks. Whether it is unsupported claims from state legislators about potential harms or incorrect blame placed on the pipeline regarding pollution, challenges like these stifle progress. When these efforts toward a better energy future are delayed or halted, Pennsylvania is unable to benefit fully or maximize its greatest energy potential, and that has an impact on both businesses and consumers in the long run.

Mariner East is one of the largest infrastructure investments Pennsylvania has ever made. Various independent studies have found that over $9.1 billion has been generated toward direct economic benefits for the state. This includes over 57,000 jobs during construction. Pennsylvania’s consumers will soon be able to benefit from the reliable and affordable energy Mariner East and other significant infrastructure projects throughout the state will provide.