Infrastructure Protests and Delay Proven Costly to All

The Global Energy Institute, a branch of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, released a report analyzing the costs associated with delayed, stalled, and halted infrastructure projects. This research is important to Pennsylvania for a number of reasons:

  • Pennsylvania’s abundant resource reserves mandate a need for a robust infrastructure network to lead America’s energy dominance
  • Many Pennsylvanians are LIUNA (Laborers’ International Union of North America) members and rely on the continuation – not start and stop – of the projects to support their families
  • The Mariner East 2 project exemplifies an infrastructure project that has been targeted by ‘Keep it in the Ground’ activists and tactics

This report allows people a look at the costs of disrupting these projects. Many of the figures are staggering.

For instance, the Global Energy Institute estimates $20.3 billion in tax revenues were lost that would have been generated from over $90 of GDP through August 2019. In employment numbers the institute suspects ‘Keep it in the Ground’ tactics to have cost the country three-quarters of a million jobs.

People must take notice of the importance of energy infrastructure. The Mariner East 2 project has an important opportunity to revive Pennsylvania’s energy production but it has fallen victim to tactics looking to halt and stop the project.

At last, the costs of these disruptions have been quantified. The Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance encourages supporters and opponents alike to consider the families, jobs, futures, and economic wellbeing at stake with each of these projects. Energy infrastructure must be a priority now and well into the future.