Gov. Tom Wolf’s Administration has Proven Supportive of the Positive Benefits Produced by PA’s Energy Sector; Some In His Party Prefer Hysterics and Name Calling

Throughout his administration, Governor Tom Wolf worked with energy companies and was able to bring great prosperity to Pennsylvania. The energy sector’s boon provided Pennsylvanians with affordable energy, good paying job opportunities, and made PA the second largest natural gas producing state in the country. Because of PA’s energy revolution, our nation is on a path towards energy independence and in a way that has successfully reduced environmental harm.

Understanding the need for a sustainable pipeline network to ensure the safe transport of energy resources to consumers, Gov. Tom Wolf’s administration has been a thorough yet trustworthy partner in building the Commonwealth’s energy infrastructure as highlighted in a recent news story. The Department of Environmental Protection said following review of the Mariner East permits, these “permits are among the most stringent DEP has ever issued for this type of construction activity.” And since issuing them, the DEP has levied record penalties against the pipeline’s operator, proving their intent to ensure the permits are upheld.

A number of activist-legislators in Southeast Pennsylvania have been more inclined to join a protest than push sensible legislation to move the Commonwealth forward. Gov. Tom Wolf, as the leader of his party, has proven to prioritize progress over stagnation. It’s just too bad that some legislators in his own party can’t do the same.