Fruitless Fight against Mariner East Funded by Taxpayer Dollars

While stall tactics by pipeline opponents are nothing new Sen. Andy Dinniman is sinking to a new low to prevent the development of energy infrastructure in Pennsylvania, taxpayer’s money.

Back in May, Dinniman testified before Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission Administrative Law Judge Elizabeth H. Barnes, fighting again for the shutdown of Mariner East pipelines. During the hearing he was represented by Mark. L. Freed and Joanna Waldron, lawyers with the firm Curtin & Heefner. The same law firm was also previously used by another opposition group, the Clean Air Council and Delaware Riverkeepers.

Transcript from the PUC hearing shows the firm was paid for by the State Senate Democratic Caucus, using taxpayer money. This is a blatant abuse of the system and misuse of public funding.

Sunoco has continuously worked with the DEP to ensure that Mariner East is constructed and operated with the utmost safety standards. However Dinniman continues to push a false narrative that crews are moving forward without the community of the Commonwealth’s best interest at heart.

Sen. Dinniman, stop wasting taxpayer dollars and instead let this crucial infrastructure help the people you claim to be fighting for.