Former O&G Regulator Confirms Importance of Energy Infrastructure Modification Opportunities

Bill Godsey, former Texas Railroad Commissioner, weighed in on the recently closed Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) comment period for proposed modifications to portions of the Mariner East pipeline system construction.

The comment period drew lots of public attention and engagement, and the results remain to be publicized, but Godsey’s op-ed in Penn Live highlights the “significance in the ability to alter infrastructure projects in real time.”

An important distinction with the Mariner East project Godsey highlights is the DEP’s acknowledgement that original “permits were among the most stringent the department has ever issued for this type of construction activity.” Moreover, Godsey contends “While stringent oversight is absolutely necessary, the ability to make alterations, in real time, based on the realities before a pipeline developer are also absolutely necessary.”

We at the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance agree that industry members need to be granted the ability to adjust and refine construction methods to accommodate ever – changing realities in the field. In this case it is a switch from horizontal directional drilling to open cut trend and flex bores which showcases Energy Transfer’s “dedication to the safety of the project and to all Pennsylvanians. The modifications being proposed by the pipeline’s developer abide by industry best practices and while many local residents appear frustrated by the construction timeline, the modifications will get construction done in a timelier and environmentally safer manner.” Godsey writes.

The full piece can be read here.