Flipping the Switch on Energy Technology

Representatives from the Pittsburgh Technical College School of Energy Technology detail the workforce developments linked with the shale revolution in Pennsylvania.


David Becker, Academic Chair of the School of Energy Technology at Pittsburgh Technical College, “This area of Pittsburgh for 200 miles in all directions was a net importer of gas at one point in time. But now, because of the infrastructure that was put in due to the Marcellus Shale, now a lot of the pipelines have been reversed.” Becker elaborates that “really where the infrastructure was happening is in the pipelines, in the compressor stations, in the fractionation plants”, and “every single one of those infrastructure projects requires measurement techs and engineers and technicians.”

Jeff Dinkel, instructor at the School of Energy Technology, explains that, “With the shale boom here in this region, that really opened up a huge avenue for career opportunities and employment in this territory.”

Tapping the shale wealth in Pennsylvania translates into catalyzing workforce development for Pennsylvanians. Local academic institutions like the Pittsburgh Technical College have recognized this reality and are preparing people to take advantage of these revived career opportunities.