Energy Transfer Donates New Equipment to Powhatan Point Fire Department in Ohio

Just in time for Christmas, it has recently been reported the Powhatan Point Fire Department will be receiving new protective gear thanks to Energy Transfer’s First Responder Fund. Since 2016, Energy Transfer, one of North America’s largest and most diversified midstream energy companies, has been giving sizable grants to those in need through their First Responders Fund. At the award ceremony in Powhatan Point, Ohio last week, Energy Transfer’s generous $15,000 donation was given to the hardworking fire officials in need of new equipment.

Energy Transfer’s Chris Koop stated, “To be able to partner with first responders, like Powhatan Point, that we train with on a regular basis, it’s an honor to be able to do that for these guys to ensure, not only, the safety of the community, but it is an asset to us as well.”

The fire department’s chief, Josh Cooper, said, “As a volunteer fire department, we rely on grants to help us with the rising cost of all of our supplies as needed. With the National Fire Protection Association requirements nowadays, it can be pretty pricey so the grant was very helpful to the department.”

Energy Transfer has consistently proven its commitment and dedication to the states in which it serves. Whether it’s through delivering reliable and affordable energy to residents across the country or funding local entities like first responders, Energy Transfer serves its regions well.