Energy Infrastructure Enemies Guilty of Mis – interpretation and representation

Pipeline opponents continue to grasp at straws to make any sort of argument against pipeline infrastructure, particularly against their favorite target – Mariner East.

A recent StateImpact Pennsylvania article stated that there are “new safety concerns” over the Mariner East 2X pipeline project. An opposition attorney reviewing Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection filings by Energy Transfer noted that the maximum operating pressure of the Mariner East 2X line (which will run parallel to Mariner East 2) is much higher than previously noted.

What does this mean? Well, pipeline opponents would like the public to think that the higher maximum operating pressure correlates with higher risk when in fact it correlates with increased SAFETY.

Permit applications for Mariner East 2 and 2X show plans to run the lines at 1480 psig (pounds per square inch gauge) however the latter pipeline can withstand pressures as high as 2100 psig.

While opposition is trying to spin a narrative that the 2X line will be stressed beyond its limit and present immeasurable danger to the public what the figures really mean is the line is capable of withstanding pressure well beyond what federal regulators allow. Energy Transfer has opted for thicker gauging, valves etc so that the line exceeds all federal safety requirements.

Energy Transfer spokeswoman clarified, stating “The pipe being used to construct ME2X is designed to safely accommodate a MOP up to 2100 psig. Its valves, wall thickness, grade, and hydrostatic testing are all designed to that pressure.  This is recognized in our documentation with the DEP, PUC and PHMSA. We tested the pipe at approximately 2600 psig – way above the design pressure and operating pressures.”

This latest argument by energy infrastructure enemies is misleading and false and is closer to crying wolf than anything else. Do not be fooled by fear mongering like this.