Energy Efficiency Initiative Snubs Natural Gas

As the Delco Times reported a pair of initiatives passed the Pennsylvania legislature to establish ‘Energy Efficiency Day’ and ‘Clean Energy/Solar Tour Day’ on October 2nd and October 19th, respectively.

Senator Andy Dinniman, who proposed Senate Resolution 232 to create ‘Energy Efficiency Day,’ was quoted “The need for clean, renewable and sustainable energy is a global issue, but one that we can and must pursue locally, here in our hometowns throughout Chester County and Pennsylvania. We know how important it is to support clean energy — for our residents, our businesses, and our children. Together, can make smart, sustainable choices that are both better for the environment and fiscally sound.”

Representative Carolyn Comitta brought forth the House companion bill for ‘Clean Energy/Solar Tour Day.’

The irony with these resolution is that they refuse to acknowledge natural gas – Pennsylvania’s greatest resource – as playing a leading role in reducing greenhouse emissions.

Natural gas generated energy is much less carbon intensive than its coal alternative. Additionally, the proliferation of natural gas has helped displace the country’s reliance on coal and transformed the U.S. into the world’s leader in emissions reduction.

Adding renewables to the energy portfolio is also important though the growth of renewables has not always kept up with expectations; for that reason the energy grid must continue to rely on natural gas.

Senator Dinniman would never admit to any of these facts as evidenced by his crusade against natural gas and projects like the Marcus Hook Industrial Complex and Mariner East 2. Instead, Senator Dinniman would prefer to politic and file empty resolutions for a feel good PR photo op.

Meanwhile, natural gas is leading economic and environmental revolutions in the Commonwealth. As the legislature comes back to Harrisburg lawmakers should focus on actionable items that will prioritize natural gas development statewide. Anything less is wasted time.