Education is Key with Energy Infrastructure

Jim Gaffney, Owner & CEO of Goshen Mechanical Inc., contends that when it comes to energy infrastructure, there is a real need to educate people on the linked impacts and benefits in Pennsylvania and across the country.

He highlights the importance of understanding the tiered energy savings involved, explaining that as the energy savings are “taking off, more people are looking at it and are seeing truly large savings.”


Looking at energy infrastructure projects across Pennsylvania and across the U.S., there is a real need to follow Gaffney’s advice here and talk about how exporting these products will expand the industry, grow the economy, help reverse trade deficit, and bolster national and regional security.

He concludes that, “we have to educate people to realize where this movement is going, what it can do for us, what it can do for the tax base, what it can do for the communities, what it can do for the schools….Education is the key.”