Ed Hill Talks About Pipelines Helping Pa. Workers Provide for Their Families

The IBEW operates with the highest safety requirements across a variety of industries.

According to Ed Hill, Jr., IBEW International Representative-Business Development, IBEW “members…go through training over a five-year period. They are required to attend at least 800 hours of in classroom training and at least 8,000 of in-the-field training before they are considered journeymen wiremen.”


Hill continues that, “Pipelines are important to the IBEW and our members that live and work within Pennsylvania because it provides them a means of income and work that they so desperately need.”

The economic downturn in 2008 and the following economic fluctuations have impacted work opportunities in staggered degrees. The pipeline infrastructural projects in Pennsylvania stand to provide tenable opportunities for people to get work close to their homes where they can “earn a decent living and provide for their families.”

Ed Hill concluded that IBEW “members know very well just how important these projects are to them” as the pipeline projects enable them to work their craft, put food on the table, and pay their taxes.