Earl Baker: A New Energy Revolution in PA

Earl Baker, former two-term Republican senator in the Pennsylvania General Assembly, penned an op-ed for the Trib Review highlighting the significance of the recently-opened Revolution Pipeline, which is already advancing Pennsylvania’s energy network. As Pennsylvania seeks to build up the current pipeline infrastructure to support their thriving energy sector, the Revolution Pipeline comes as a large economic, environmental, and geopolitical win.

Baker discusses the recent ransomware-hacking of the Colonial Pipeline, as it becomes evident the U.S. needs to continue the expansion of energy infrastructure in other parts of the country to not be solely reliant on the Gulf Coast for natural gas. Our nation’s energy revolution is inherently tied to our national independence and security, as well as our allies’ success.

Getting to the finish line was no easy task for the Revolution Pipeline constructors; they faced many setbacks and persisted through modifications to complete it safely and above reproach. This determined effort will lead to decades of economic prosperity from the subsequent job opportunity, increased tax revenue, and significant contribution to natural gas end users.

Moreover, the Revolution Pipeline will serve the environment being that pipelines are 4.5 times safer than transport by rail, where there is a greater likelihood of spills or accidents. Furthermore, Baker showcases the fact the U.S. is leading the world in cutting energy-related carbon emissions by utilizing pipelines and cutting out sources such as coal and heating oil.

Baker concludes the piece by stating “with the Revolution Pipeline now in service, it should give hope to other infrastructure projects still in progress.” With construction complete, Revolution has already been a stable economic catalyst on a local, state, and national level. This momentous milestone for Pennsylvania will prove advantageous for decades to come.