Disillusioned Anti-Pipeline Protesters Create Disturbance at DEP Secretary McDonnell’s Home, Crossing the Line Yet Again

Members of anti-pipeline organizations, including Mama Bear Brigade and Sunrise Movement Berks, decided to protest outside of the Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) Secretary Patrick McDonnell’s own home this morning. These organizations claim that “…corporations pay to pollute our drinking water, destroy the land our communities depend on, and threaten our future in a time of crisis,” but not even one of these statements is true.

This protest comes after an inadvertent return (IR) at Marsh Creek Lake. However, the IR was non-toxic and had no impact on drinking water, contrary to the anti-pipeliners claims. Anti-pipeline activists actually held a paddle event, with their kids, on the lake the day after but still claim the environment was destroyed? Guess the situation wasn’t so bad if their kids could get out on the lake.

They unethically spew lies in attempts to convince Pennsylvanians to join their efforts.

The truth of the matter is that pipeline infrastructure does not threaten the future of PA, it actually secures Pennsylvania’s leadership in the natural gas industry and supports our economy. These projects employ thousands and help local economies generate tax revenue while providing its citizens cheaper, reliable energy resources.