DelCo Receives Strong Debt Ratings On Back of Economic Development Projects

Economic development projects such as new pipeline infrastructure development in Delaware County are a big part of the ongoing resurgence of the county and localities like the Chester waterfront.  That’s the conclusion of the County’s County Council after two of the nation’s leading rating agencies, S&P and Moody’s, gave the County ratings of AA and Aa1 respectively.

As Delco News Network reported Sunday:

Delaware County Council announced last week that the county maintained its high-grade rating of Aa1 from Moody’s Investors Service and AA from Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services. At its Jan. 6 meeting, Council reported that both ratings agencies affirmed the county’s ratings after extensive reviews with County Council in December.

New investments, like the Mariner East projects, are bringing new economic opportunities, jobs, and indirect benefits to the region.  The article points specifically to investments from Sunoco Logistics Partners, Monroe Energy and the development of Ellis Preserve in Newtown Square as key examples of new projects that are bolstering the county.

The Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services estimated that Delaware County’s success is largely due to these projects presence’ in the area, as it has boosted the county’s U.S. shale and gas industry. “We expect the county will benefit from ongoing developments that are expected to continue over the next several years and increase the tax base and further diversify the economy,” the report states.

As this article verifies, energy infrastructure in Pennsylvania is bringing direct benefits to counties throughout the state. As the Mariner East pipeline project continues to progress, we look forward to seeing the various areas statewide flourish alongside Delaware County.

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