Delaware County Chamber of Commerce Supports Expanded Infrastructure

Representing over 1,200 members, the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce has served as a strong voice, promoting businesses and working to create a prosperous business environment in Delaware County for over 100 years. We are also now a proud member of the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance because our members have experienced directly or indirectly the economic growth benefits of energy infrastructure projects.

Along with other groups focused on the economic vitality of our region today and for the future, we stand together to shine a positive light on infrastructure projects that will create jobs, attract new  economic investment to Delaware County, and promote the infrastructure development needed to safely transport energy resources from western Pennsylvania to facilities in eastern Pennsylvania.

Southeast Pennsylvania is especially on the cusp of exciting growth with the revitalization of the Marcus Hook Industrial Complex as part of the proposed Mariner East natural gas liquids pipeline project. With this investment, the Delaware River waterfront could become the energy hub for the entire Northeast as a source for clean, abundant, affordable energy.

The hundreds of jobs this revitalization project will create and the ability to attract new businesses opportunities to Delaware County are powerful reasons to stand behind energy infrastructure projects along with our partners seeing the same growth on the western side of the state.

This economic investment in and around Delaware County will not only provide Pennsylvanians with affordable, domestic energy products, but it will also benefit our local businesses and workers. Heightened investment in the community means more restaurant sales, heightened hotel business, increased housing purchases and apartment rentals, and more, all here in Delaware County.

The economic opportunities available to Pennsylvania because of energy development were unthinkable when William Penn first arrived in the city of Chester (Delaware County) in 1682. The opportunity to contribute to domestic energy security and transporting energy products safely to market will be a tremendous economic boon for Delaware County business and Pennsylvania consumers as a whole. Because of this, the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce supports the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance.