David Taylor on Improving Pennsylvania’s Competitiveness

On Wednesday, Huntingdon County Chamber of Commerce hosted an event looking at the importance of expanding pipeline infrastructure in the United States – and in Pennsylvania.

The event, “Think About Energy: Pipeline Infrastructure – Connecting Energy to Jobs and Opportunity,” included a panel discussion that featured David Taylor, president of the Pennsylvania’s Manufacturer’s Association (PMA).

According to Taylor, “We want it to be the smart business decision for people who invest and hire to expand operations and to produce here in Pennsylvania rather than one of our competitor states. Manufacturing is the engine that drives our economy. This sector has the strongest spinoff effect and it helps to magnify growth, which is why we at PMA are trying to always explain to our lawmakers, decision-makers governor, and executive leaders why we need a pro-growth, pro-production agenda for Pennsylvania.”

Jeff Shields, Communications Manager for Sunoco Logistics, added to Taylor’s points on how expanding this infrastructure stands to make big economic gains in Pennsylvania. Shields went on to share background on Sunoco Logistic’s pipelines and the importance of Marcus Hook to Pennsylvania’s economy.

“Mariner East 1 is bringing 70,000 barrels of ethane and propane a day to Marcus Hook,” said Shields. “Mariner East 2 with two pipelines can carry not 70,000 barrels a day, but between 500,000 and 700,000 at its full expandable rate. Now, you’re on a whole other level and creating a new market in Pennsylvania for these products.”

The event hit home the importance of community leaders engaging with these industry reps so that we can drive growth in Pennsylvania and across the country.