Court Confirms ME2

Today, Public Utilities Commission Administrative Law Judge Elizabeth Barnes ruled against pipeline opponents saying that of the four requirements needed to issue an ‘Interim Emergency Order’ none were met by the complaints.

This is just the latest last ditch effort by opposition groups to shut down the critical infrastructure project and the decision will allow Mariner East 2 to finish its construction and become operational in the near future.

The project, it’s legal permitting, and adherence to safety standards have been confirmed by the courts at every turn. Judge Barnes ruling confirms the pipeline developers great strides to train thousands of first responders and ensure the emergency response plans are in place.

Pipelines like Mariner East 2 are nothing new to Pennsylvania. Similar lines have crisscrossed the state for over a hundred years, which is surprising to many Pennsylvanians. Surprising because many do not even know they are operating, which is a testament to their safety.

Hopefully this is the final in a long line of frivolous lawsuits brought by pipeline opponents. Mariner East 2 was legally permitted and it is now time to get the construction completed and safely operating.