Competitive Power Venture: Another Energy Investment in Pennsylvania

The development of energy infrastructure in Pennsylvania is not only helping to stimulate the economy, it’s also powering homes across the state.

Recently former Louisiana Congressman Charles Melancon took a tour of the Competitive Power Venture (CPV) Fairview Energy Center in Jackson Township in Cambria County. CPV Fairview is a $1.1 billion natural gas-fueled combined-cycle electric generation.

Once up and running the facility will connect to Mariner East 2, tapping into the pipelines ethane supply. During construction the project could employ as many as 500 workers, when finished the plant will employ 25 full-time residents with a payroll of about $3 million.

CPV Fairview also is helping create a cleaner state. The center is being built on a former industrial dump site, with 200,000 tons of junk piled 25 feet high. The company invested $14 million dollars in just cleanup alone.

Right now the state-of-the-art energy center is slated to open in 2019. As soon as the project is completed the facility will power over 1 million homes and businesses, bringing reliable, economical, and environmentally safe energy across the state.

Without development of the energy sector in Pennsylvania this impressive project would not be possible. Thanks to the natural gas industry and Mariner East 2, this billion dollar development was able to make routes in the state.