Commonsense Prevails in West Whiteland Township

Mariner East continues to inch closer and closer to full completion.

Last week West Whiteland Township helped expedite the construction process of some of the final remaining pieces of the Mariner East 2 system by allowing Sunoco / Energy Transfer to work around the clock beneath Route 100.

The pipeline’s operator plans to undertake a direct bore drill operation underneath the Route. Mimi Gleason, township manager, noted that the direct bore method is not as loud and the green light to work day and night, seven day a week will allow the company to complete this portion of the line swiftly.

An Energy Transfer spokesperson mentioned that the drilling should be minimally invasive, noting “The site of the drill under Rt. 100 is not nearby homes, but next to commercial businesses. With permission from each of the businesses, the township has allowed us to work overnight. We will use sound walls and other measures to mitigate noise and lighting. Conducting a continuous 24/7 bore is standard industry practice and increases the likelihood of successful installation. It limits factors that could risk the integrity of the borehole and cause us to re-start the drilling process over again.”

West Whiteland Township deserves a hat tip for this decision; it is a good example of municipal government agreeing to a commonsense proposal that will ensure construction is completed sooner. Many townships have denied such requests, increasing delays and feeding the ongoing construction fatigue in local communities.