Coalition Members’ Voices Heard At the Last Pipeline Infrastructure Task Force Meeting

At Governor Tom Wolf’s final Pipeline Infrastructure Task Force meeting on Wednesday, a number of coalition members voiced their support for expanding pipeline infrastructure in Pennsylvania. The coalition has been present at all three Task Force meetings, showing support for safe and responsible pipeline infrastructure development in Pennsylvania.

As this was the last of the taskforce meetings, members were eager to speak in favor of the projects, emphasizing the many jobs they bring to skilled labor workers. The meeting included comments from coalition members highlighting:

  1. A new report from a Philadelphia based economic consulting company found that the Mariner East projects support more than 15,000 jobs annually over a two year period, totaling more than $1.9 billion for laborers across the state.
  2. The pipelines are built by skilled Pennsylvania laborers who have been trained with advance expertise to construct and assemble the pipelines.
  3. Pennsylvania is home to many of the pipeline workers who are working to help protect their state.

The coalition’s efforts at the meeting received media attention in the State Impact with an article reporting that even though seven protestors stood up at Governor Tom Wolf’s Pipeline Infrastructure Task Force there were “representatives from organized labor and business groups [speaking] out in favor of the projects, siting the jobs they bring to skilled workers, such as welders.”

The coalition is excited about the progress that took place on Wednesday. The taskforce is proud of the work they have done. Let this be the start of real progress in Pennsylvania; and moving forward, the alliance plans to maintain open communication with those who wish to learn more as we fully support Pennsylvania pipeline infrastructure.

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