Coalition Members Discuss Energy Infrastructure at JARI’s Shale Gas Roundtable

Small business leaders from Cambria and Somerset counties gathered earlier this week at JARI’s Shale Gas Roundtable to discuss the benefits of Pennsylvania’s growing natural gas industry. JARI, a member of the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance, expressed their support for expanded energy growth and pipeline development, taking time at this week’s meeting to share the Coalition’s mission with business leaders. Linda Thomson, President of JARI, and Abe Amoros, PA Legislative Director for LiUNA, spoke about the benefits of expanding and upgrading the state’s energy infrastructure.

Major pipeline projects like Mariner East are expected to generate billions of dollars for the Pennsylvanian economy while creating thousands of new, well-paying construction jobs. Small businesses across the Commonwealth stand to benefit immensely from expanded local job creation, new investment opportunities and a revitalized manufacturing sector. Investing in safe, reliable energy infrastructure now will allow Pennsylvanians to benefit from surging natural gas production for generations to come.

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