Chester County Lawmaker Should Not Be Celebrated for Spreading Misinformation

Last week, Chester County legislative officials met with residents virtually where they were praised for their environmental scorecards and standing up to “polluters who would put their profits over environmental protection.” Among the attendees was Senator Katie Muth, who recently released a false and reckless statement that drinking water had been impacted by an incident during permitted construction.

During the meeting Sen. Muth was quoted calling out elected officials for advocating on behalf of special interests, despite her own tendency to push issues and legislation supported by special interests. Two weeks ago, Muth pushed out a false statement, not for the public good, but more to cozy up with deep-pocketed anti-pipeliners claiming that the public’s drinking water had been impacted by the incident. The claim was completely untrue and rebuked by the Department of Environmental Protection.

The senator used her position to spread misinformation supporting her own anti-pipeline agenda, which calls into question her integrity. Sen. Muth refuses to acknowledge the benefits that Chester County receives from pipeline infrastructure. These projects offer employment opportunity to her constituents, affordable local energy acc, and access for consumer, and tax revenues. NIMBYism negates these positive benefits and supports regression, not progress. Sen. Muth and anti-pipeline activists have used recent (harmless) events to suggest that energy infrastructure is a threat to the environment and public health, claims that are simply untruthful.