Infrastructure Week Brings A New Relationship to PEIA

May 17, 2016
During National Infrastructure Week, the Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber of Commerce is joining the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance as a new member to support the expansion of energy infrastructure. “Developing a modern energy infrastructure in Pennsylvania is an essential component of fostering… Read More ►

Penn-Del-Jersey Chapter of NECA Joins Pipeline Alliance

May 13, 2016
The Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance is excited to announce our 27th new member to join the alliance, advocating in support of pipeline infrastructure developments in Pennsylvania. We welcome the Penn-Del-Jersey chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA PDJ), who… Read More ►

Washington County Commissioner Explains His Appreciation for Pipeline Infrastructure

May 11, 2016
Commissioner Larry Maggi of Washington County recently took time to sit down with the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance to explain the benefits that the shale gas industry has brought to his community over the past few years. He describes the… Read More ►

Local Pennsylvania Businesses Rely on Affordable Energy

May 3, 2016
Joseph Devor, owner and operator of The Chicken Truck, explains the importance of cheap, abundant propane gas to his small-business in the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance’s most recent video. The Chicken Truck is a food truck and catering company based… Read More ►

Mike Butler: PA Needs More Pipelines

April 26, 2016
The Philadelphia Inquirer published an opinion editorial today by Mike Butler, executive director of Consumer Energy Alliance, about the need for increased pipeline infrastructure throughout Pennsylvania. Butler served on Governor Wolf’s Pipeline Infrastructure Task Force, which recently finalized a report… Read More ►

INGAA Study Calls for More Pipeline Infrastructure

April 15, 2016
The INGAA Foundation recently released a study conducted by ICF International highlighting natural gas infrastructure investments. The study titled, “North American Midstream Infrastructure Through 2035: Leaning into the Headwinds,” attributes much of the recent growth in energy exports to the… Read More ►

Keystone Elk Country Joins PEIA to Support Modern, Safe Energy Transportation Infrastructure

April 8, 2016
The Keystone Elk Country Alliance (KECA), a nonprofit wildlife conservation organization joined the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Energy Alliance in support of the overall betterment of Pennsylvania. KECA’s mission is to enhance and protect the natural environment of Pennsylvania’s hunting and elk… Read More ►

Paul Battista, Owner of Sunnyside Supply, Encourages Pipelines to Bring Back Manufacturing

April 6, 2016
In a recent visit to Slovan, Pennsylvania in Washington County, the PEIA team discussed the effects of Pennsylvania’s energy renaissance with small business owner, Paul Battista. Owner of Sunnyside Supply Inc., Battista has been serving energy companies with supplies for… Read More ►