Statement: Lawmaker Compares Pipeline Workers as Nazis

April 28, 2019
Yesterday, state Rep. Danielle Friel Otten took to Twitter to compare hardworking pipeline construction employees who are building a lawfully permitted project to “Nazis.”  Her tweet is below, along with the attached screen shot. The tweet she is responding to… Read More ►

Former Chester County Commissioner Pleads that Pennsylvanians Must “Keep Our Eye on the Ball”

April 26, 2019
A recent op-ed in the Patriot News by former State Senator and Chester County Commissioner, Earl Baker lays out critical points that many news outlets across the state have chosen to ignore and exclude from their commentary. Baker asks us… Read More ►

Statement: ME1 Restarts in PA.

April 22, 2019
The Mariner East 1 pipeline is scheduled to restart as early as today, ending a three-month shutdown that resulted after a sinkhole along the route. The restart is the result of the pipeline operator working closely with regulators to address… Read More ►

Keyboard Warrior Senator Andy Dinniman Tries to Strike Again

April 18, 2019
This morning State Senator and anti-pipeline crusader Andy Dinniman reached out to PEIA over Twitter. Admittedly, Senator Dinniman made use of a funny GIF from the Disney movie The Emperor’s New Groove in which a demanding and greedy prince guilty… Read More ►

Pennsylvania Game Commission Press Release: Game Commission, Ruffed Grouse Society, And Energy Companies Improving Wildlife Habitat

April 13, 2019
Project on State Game Lands 12 and 36 to benefit grouse and woodcock Good things come in threes. The third and final phase of the “Roughneck Aspen Management Project” was recently completed on State Game Lands 12 and 36 in… Read More ►

The Anti-Pipeline Echo Chamber Continues

April 10, 2019
An April 9 Philly Inquirer opinion column makes some lofty and misleading allegations regarding the permitted construction of the Mariner East 2 pipeline. Adding to the long string of misinformation regarding the project, the latest claims suggest Democratic Gov. Tom… Read More ►

Statement: Pipeline Moratorium Measure Misguided, Possibly Illegal

March 30, 2019
If you are writing about S.B. 443, which was recently introduced by state Sen. Andrew Dinniman, please consider the following statement by the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance. You can quote me, Kurt Knaus, as spokesman: “Sen. Dinniman’s proposal is misguided,… Read More ►

Statement: Response to Legislative Town Hall on Mariner East

March 29, 2019
Several southeastern Pennsylvania legislators convened a town hall meeting Wednesday night to ensure residents know how to protect their homes and property during pipeline construction, focusing on Mariner East. The lawmakers had with them a local township solicitor who offered… Read More ►