The Birth of a New Regional Industry

The team at the Community College of Beaver County (CCBC) detail the opportunities offered by the “birth of a new regional industry” and the crucial role of the training programs therein.


According to John Goberish, Dean of Workforce Development and Continuing Ed. At the Community College of Beaver County, “We have this opportunity to help start a whole new industry in our region. This college is really doing everything we can to get ahead of the opportunity and we spend a great deal of our time working closely with the industry to make sure we are meeting their needs.”

According to Dr. Chris Reber, College President of the Community College of Beaver County, “We are honored to play a leadership role to have the programs in place to train the workforce that we need on an ongoing basis.” He concludes that, “The jobs are coming and they’re going to be filled. From the perspective of this region we of course want to be able to fill those jobs with folks who are here paying taxes, supporting the local economy and workforce. We’re very excited about it. I think the future of the region is very, very bright. And I think what we are seeing is the entire community coming together to make sure that together we rise to the opportunity before us.”

Expanded energy infrastructure in Pennsylvania herald good-paying jobs, and programs at local academic institutions work hand-in-hand with industry representatives to ensure the local workforce is ready and able to reap the benefits of this expanded job market. This is good news for people across Pennsylvania.