Anti-Pipeline Blogger Fudges Numbers, Logic

Yesterday, Dragonpipe Diary published a blog trying to conflate Mariner East product delivery with plastic bottle production. Not only are these issues unrelated, but the author uses fuzzy arithmetic to prove an imaginative and frivolous point.

For example, when discussing the calculations, the author uses variants of the word “assume” four times. This “almost billion bottles every day” number comes from a list of assumptions, not facts. To publish a piece with this type of rhetoric when making such distinct accusations is misinforming.

This is yet another attempt from anti-pipeline activists to thwart the benefits Mariner East projects have brought to Pennsylvania.

The reality is that Pennsylvania has an abundance of natural gas surplus that is now being utilized, providing the state with cheaper energy and economic profit. The ethane delivery that the author complains about, contributes to those economic advances that Pennsylvanians are benefitting from, whether they realize it or not.

Mariner East projects produce between $1.4 and $2.1 million in state taxes every year while supporting hundreds of jobs. Anti-pipeline activists have resorted to fabricating scenarios to continue their fear mongering campaign.