Another Ruling in Favor of Mariner East

Lebanon County Court of Common Pleas has rejected a challenge to Sunoco’s status as a public utility.

This is not the first time the projects’ public utilities status has been called into question. But once again a judge ruled upholding Sunoco’s public utility status. Last summer zoning officials in a Lebanon County rejected an appeal against a permit allowing a pump station to be built along the Mariner East 1 pipeline to ensure the safety of the line and the community.

According to the rules by the Public Utility Commission Mariner East 1 and Mariner East 2 are both public utilities. However these opponents continue to fight this extremely clear and longtime established regulation.

Pipeline opposition groups continue to try and confuse and mislead residents in Pennsylvania, claiming energy infrastructure is dangerous. The Mariner East project has been projected to provide Pennsylvania a one-time $9.1 billion economic impact through jobs and enhanced economic activity. Not to mention the increased access to much-needed energy resources for local and regional consumers. American’s energy needs have only increased over time and as the nation’s second largest natural gas producing state, Mariner East will ensure these products get to end-users in the safest way available.

We are pleased to see that once again the courts have ruled in favor of Mariner East, prioritizing Pennsylvania’s safety and economic well-being.