Another Attempt at Using Courts to Stop Infrastructure

A small group of pipeline opponents are once again attempting to stop pipeline construction, however their frivolous tactics continue to be futile. An appeal from six Middletown residents, trying to use a local ordinance to shut down the Mariner East 2 pipeline was rejected this week by The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania.

The group claims Sunoco violated an ordinance which requires the pipe to be at least 75 feet from homes. The court ruled that once again these fringe ideologists failed to prove the ordinance was not preempted by state and federal law.

In response Lisa C. Dillinger, a spokeswoman for Energy Transfer Partners said, “While we are pleased with the court’s opinion, we remain focused on safely completing the construction of this important infrastructure project, and on being a valued member of the communities in which we do business, as we have done for decades.”

These ridiculous lawsuits only intend to stop an important and necessary project for Pennsylvania. Although opponents continue to abuse the system in a misguided attempt to halt production, the courts have consistently upheld this project.

Mariner East 2 went through the rigorous process of being legally permitted, getting approval by all necessary regulators. Currently the pipeline is being built while ensuring the safety of both Pennsylvania communities and the environment.

As Kurt Knaus, spokesman for the PEIA, said:

Opponents’ claim that this project was approved without a thorough vetting ignores the very inconvenient truth that more than 29,000 formal comments were submitted at five state hearings held across the line as part of a review process that stretched more than three years. The process was rigorous and the requirements for construction remain strict. Every single opponent of this project has had ample opportunities to provide input on the pipeline — and their voices have been heard.

These lawsuits only hurt Pennsylvania in the long run, from having a safe and reliable form of energy delivery. Pennsylvania’s best interest is in getting Mariner East 2 completed.