Addressing Environmental Performance Critical for Energy Companies

Earlier this week, Marcellus Drilling News featured a piece “Energy Transfer Joins Environmental Partnership to Lower Emissions” regarding Energy Transfer’s landmark relationship with The Environmental Partnership, a group of oil and gas companies addressing environmental issues to better secure America’s long-term energy future. Energy Transfer and The Environmental Partnership have come together to “accelerate improvements to environmental performance in operations across the country.” As the developer of the Mariner East and Rover pipelines, Energy Transfer strives to provide reliable, smart energy solutions.

The Marcellus article reports, “Energy Transfer joined The Environmental Partnership as part of its overall effort to reduce its environmental footprint across its operations, which includes more than 90,000 miles of pipelines and associated facilities in 38 states and Canada. This initiative includes several projects to increase Energy Transfer’s use of renewable energy including the support of the development of the Maplewood 2 Solar farm in West Texas. Maplewood 2 delivers power to three of Energy Transfer’s cryogenic plants in the area along with numerous compressor and pump stations. Energy Transfer also has installed approximately 18,000 solar panels across the country that provide power to its metering stations.”

The Environmental Partnership now consists of nearly 100 oil and gas companies, including companies in Marcellus/Utica. Energy Transfer has joined in pursuit of solutions that are technically feasible, commercially proven, and will result in emissions reductions. As the article states it, “This is not pie-in-the-sky stuff. These are real, tangible, workable, real-world solutions.”