The Mariner East Projects Are Bringing Jobs to Pennsylvania

August 7, 2017

A recent article in the Scranton Times-Tribune highlighted the beneficial economic impacts harbored by the Mariner East Projects in Pennsylvania. According to the article, the Mariner East II pipeline “is estimated to generate $4.2 billion in economic impact and support more than 30,000 new Pennsylvania jobs.” The piece elaborates that this then expands given how […]

Pennsylvania Pipeline Industry Generates Jobs with Family-Sustaining Wages

August 3, 2017

Developments in the Marcellus and Utica Shale have demonstrated the breadth of U.S. natural gas capacity to bolster regional and national economic growth. Steve Columbus, Administrative Manager of the Western Pennsylvania Operating Engineers, explains that recent shifts toward natural gas in the energy industry have paired with pipeline projects to connect this crucial resource to […]

Opposition to Infrastructure Hurts Those Who Can’t Pay More

August 2, 2017

A fixed cost for many Americans on an annual basis are energy costs – costs to heat and cool your home, keep the lights on, and fill up your car with gas to get to work. So why is it that so many are opposed to making energy more affordable by increasing infrastructure that transports […]

New API Study Demonstrates Impact of Natural Gas and Oil Industry in Pennsylvania

August 1, 2017

The American Petroleum Institute (API) Pennsylvania released a new study today on the “Impacts of the Natural Gas and Oil Industry on the U.S. Economy in 2015.” The study found that in Pennsylvania alone, “the U.S. natural gas and oil industry supported 322,600 jobs in the state and contributed $44.46 billion to the state’s economy […]

Another Opportunity Passes Pennsylvania By

August 1, 2017

Another major investment opportunity has passed by Pennsylvania. A recent article published by Politico highlighted how “President Donald Trump claimed another win in his bid to revive America’s flagging industrial sector on Wednesday, with the White House revealing that Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn will invest $10 billion to open a new plant in Wisconsin…The plant […]

Pipelines Are the Most Cost-Effective Mode of Energy Transportation

July 26, 2017

Natural gas pipelines and linked utilities are the safest, most cost-effective and efficient form of energy delivery in the nation. Economist Kevin Gillen enumerates that, “transportation by train is significantly more expensive than transportation by pipeline. Just to give you some numbers, it costs about $10 to 50 a barrel to transport a barrel of […]

HDD Used Throughout PA Infrastructure Development

July 24, 2017

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is used to directly install pipelines underground by avoiding the need to dig trenches. This method is widely used to install infrastructure under sensitive areas like waterways, wetlands, and roads. HDD is used to install a range of infrastructure such as telecom cable and fiber optic line installation, to water, sewage […]

Lebanon County Zoning Board Votes in Favor of Sunoco Pipeline

July 19, 2017

Last evening, a local zoning board in Lebanon County turned back the latest attempt by pipeline opponents to halt the construction of the Mariner East pipeline. Lebanon County’s Zoning Hearing Board voted unanimously to pass the following four motions: Sunoco Pipeline LP is a public utility, Sunoco Pipeline LP is entitled to seek permits under […]