PA PUC Letter Shines Light on Pipeline Safety

November 19, 2018

A recent letter from the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission has again reinforced the robust safety of pipelines in the Mariner East 2 system. Following the requests from local school superintendents in Downtington, Rose Tree, and West Chester school districts to examine the safety of a supplemental line being put in use to facilitate Mariner East […]

‘Blue Wave’ in Pennsylvania Not a Function of Pipeline Opposition

November 13, 2018

Pipeline opponents continue to wrongly conflate pipelines and their role in the political shift from red to blue in this year’s midterm elections. Phil Heron, among others, are ignoring larger pieces of the picture in attempts to use election results to create more arguments against needed pipeline development.  This is typical coming from opposition that […]

Mariner East 2: A Nonpartisan, Winning Issue for Pennsylvania

November 5, 2018

Controversy and opposition to the Mariner East 2 pipeline has wrongly politicized the project and encouraged action from both ends of the political spectrum in Pennsylvania. In the process, ideology has been prioritized over fact, clouding the judgement of many. What has been lost are the undeniable benefits this project provides. Politicizing Mariner East 2 […]

Mariner East 2 On-Time for Initial Service

October 23, 2018

Sunoco Pipeline, a subsidiary of Energy Transfer Partners, published a press release clarifying the in-service date for Mariner East 2. The release reads: “We want to clarify that there has been no change to the initial in-service date for the Mariner East 2 pipeline (ME2). Our timelines have not changed. Unfortunately, a local Pennsylvania reporter misconstrued […]

Regulator Works to Ensure the Public’s Safety While Legislators Work to Muddy the Water

October 22, 2018

Pennsylvania State Senator Andy Dinniman discussed what he believes is limited effectiveness in assuring the public is adequately protected and informed about critical infrastructure projects, namely pipelines. However these claims are wildly inaccurate. Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection and Public Utility Commission have remained effective regulators throughout the construction of Mariner East 2. State regulators […]

100 Member Business Org. Aims to Revitalize PA via Natural Gas

October 12, 2018

Business groups across the state of Pennsylvania are joining forces to help expedite the realization of economic benefits from the state’s natural gas reserves. The group, ‘Forge The Future’, is placing an emphasis on maximizing the use of Pennsylvania natural gas in communities nationwide to bring prosperity to manufacturing, power production, energy and many other […]

Pipeline Oppo. Spreads False Narrative through Phony Software

October 11, 2018

Courtesy of Quest Consultants, the firm that has performed flawed risk assessment studies in Pennsylvania, local pipeline opponents have been given access to ‘CANARY’ software, which is supposedly able to model gas line leak scenarios to draw conclusions about pipeline risk. As one may suspect, pipeline opponents have used the software to further their ideological, […]

Natural Gas Benefits Are Clear

October 10, 2018

Jim Kunz, head of the Operating Engineers and a founding member of PEIA, was recently featured in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. In his piece Mr.Kunz presents the many benefits natural gas and pipeline infrastructure are bringing to Pennsylvania, including: affordable, reliable and clean energy, manufacturing jobs, and household savings. Pennsylvania natural gas reserves are thought to […]